Modular design

  Customer designed cladding

   CE approved systems

Fietsdock Technical aspects

– One bike, one safe
– CE approved
– Charge opportunity for electric bicycles
– Remote camera safety observation
– Multiple users simultaneously
– Free box light indication
– On Screen user led information
– RFID cardreader system
– High quality Siemens components and systems

FietsDock in public area

– Quick and easy to install
– Accessible to registered FietsDock members only
– Long- and short term parking
– Capacity > 130 bikes

– Modular design
– Customer designed cladding
– On the ground
– Underground
– Floating
– Integrated in structures

FietsDock the system

FietsDock is based on a modern warehouse system. A bicycle can be parked or retrieved fast, safe and affordable.

The system ensures a unique linking between the user and FietsDock.

The process

Check in / check out.

FietsDock member can open the door using:
– FietsDock App
– OV chipcard
– FietsDock membercard
(Depending on client and location)

The bike, luggage, rainclothing or any other articles can be placed.

FietsDock member closes the door.

FietsDock member checks out after picking up the bike and luggage if applicable.

After checking out the parking action is ended and the FietsDock member is no longer linked.