Fast and safe bicycle parking

Quick and easy step towards sustainable bicycle parking

Therefore FietsDock:

National and international growing bicycle mobility.

Necessary infrastructure often lags behind this growth.

Negatively influencing the environment quality.

Rising costs for operation, management and maintenance.

Continual trend of property to use.

Cycling is the answer to the demand for comfortable , fast and sustainable transport.



FietsDock, fully automated bicycle parking

Fast> Bring your bike and pick it up within 20 seconds

Simple> Accessible with a app or any other fast payment methods

Safe> The bicycle locker has been proven to be a safe place to store bicycles and luggage

Space saving > Multiple use of available space

Reliable> Use of 25 years proven technique

Accessible> 24/7 available

Payable> Unmanned therefore lower operating costs

Sustainable> easy to expand capacity and / or the exploitform